Arbequina olives

The Arbequina olive is one of the most popular varieties in Spain. Small but of intense flavor, this kind of olive goes well with salads and fresh dishes.

Manzanilla olive

The Manzanilla olive is collected in Spain and it passes by an accurate selection. It is also important the final delicate flavouring. The result is an unique olive with anchovy flavour, reserved to the most refined palates.

Black aragon’s olive

The black Aragon's olive is of medium size and is dark purple. Its strong taste contrasts with the texture's softness.

Stuffed olive

Our stuffed olive is of an extra category and it is produced from the Manzanilla Fina variety. It hasn't got bone and it is filled with an anchovy paste. The result is an excellent combination of flavours. ¡Know our formats!

Gordal olive with chilli

It is an olive well appreciated for its large size, its quality and its flavour. At maturity, the fruit is almost black dark green, of elongated oval form and heart-shaped. The chilli gives the spicy taste to olive.