Fresh products

Cantabrian anchovies, Mediterranean whitebaits… ¡An authentic pleasure for senses!


The anchovy we select is captured in Cantabria during April and May. It is canned and pressed in brine. It matures for 8 to 12 months and is thoroughly cleaned one by one.


The whitebait comes from the Mediterranean Sea. It is filleted and cleaned manually, in order to choose the best parts. After being some hours in salt and vinegar, it is collocated one by one in each tray or glass jar and it is marinated with green sauce. Finally, the trays are vacuum-packed.


The Espinaler's octopus is caugt in the cold waters of the Atlantic, cooked and vacuum packed for an ideal conservation. A product specially selected by Espinaler for its excellent quality, texture and flavor. It is shown in a pack of 3 tentacles, ideal for cooking Galician octopus, octopus salads or delicious rices.