Espinaler re-launches Pepus, its second brand, with new corporative image

The Catalan brand bets for a line of products with a more accessible price in order to expand the market fee and to internationalize the young business

Espinaler, of almost 120-year-history, has introduced recently the new corporative image of its second brand. It is a young image, fresh and colorful which aims to project Pepus to the high-consumption market.

Pepus burst strongly into the market with a product and more accessible price to reach a younger target, a supermarket consumer who doesn’t give up the quality. Through this new business, the brand pretends to continue with the internationalization of the social act of having the vermut.

A product designed to big supermarkets and to the internationalization.

The Pepus canned food are set aside for big consumption. Pepus products have higher quality than other supermarket canned brands. It also has a lower price than the Espinaler products.

The new packaging is going to allow the sale of these products out of the Catalan borders, where the habit of making the vermut (appetizer) isn’t known. Both, the attractive image and the prestige of its main brand, let Espinaler making hopeful predictions. It is anticipated that in the coming months, Pepus is going to reach the Asian and European markets.

Pepus: a fisherman from Vilassar de Mar, Tapias family friend.

Pepus history dates back to 2003. That’s when, Miquel Tapias, the current Espinaler owner – and fourth generation of Tapias family leading the business-, decided to create a second brand of canned food with a more accessible price. Espinaler strategy is to give, to a wider target, the possibility of tasting all types of canned seafood, considering that Espinaler only reaches 5% of market share.

Pepus was a fisherman of Vilassar de Mar, town where Espinaler is located, too. He used to go to the Espinaler tavern every day. Friend of Tapias family, Pepus was a very dear person in the village. In 2003, Pepus had already died and Miquel Tapias wanted to honor his friend in an especial form: he named “Pepus” the Espinaler second brand of canned food…