Toast with white tuna belly and anchovy

It tastes specially good. Without any doubt, this combination of Cantabrian products is one of our favourites.

Espinaler Premium white tuna belly is one of the best products of our catalogue due to its texture, taste and quality. David Tapias, fifth generation of Tapias family, the Espinaler owner, refers to it saying: “It melts into palate”. Our bonito is elaborated with Cantabrian fresh fish, which is cooked and seasoned with olive oil and salt.

The Espinaler anchovies are tender and they remain in reddish in colour. Espinaler selects in person the anchovies captured in Cantabrian during April and May. These months are the optimum moment to its recollection. Later, Espinaler prepares it manually, following the traditional mode.

The anchovies are canned and remain in salt from 8 to 12 months. This curing process, known as “maturation”, provides the intense salty flavor to the anchovy. Afterwards, they need to be filleted and then they are packed in brine or in olive oil.

We are going to prepare it. Do you want?

Tostada ventresca y anchoa

Foto: Espinaler