Our high demand in the parameters of quality in each of our products can not be disconnected from our respect for the environment. From nature we obtain our raw material, so our duty is to respect and contribute to its preservation in order to enjoy the resources it provides for many more generations.

Espinaler is committed not to use those raw materials that come from a use not respectful of the environment. Knowing the origin of these allows us, in addition to controlling the entire value chain of our products, to ensure the survival of biodiversity, as well as marine and plant resources.

The principles of our sustainable commitment are:

– The acquisition of raw materials that come from fisheries and sustainable and responsible marine crops.

– The protection of the marine environment, the conservation of its resources, as well as its marine biodiversity.

– Transparency and good practices in processes, commitments and actions.

Dolphin Safe

The fishing gear used to catch our tuna protects the dolphins.


Recyclable Metal and Case

The boxes and cans of all our products are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce the environmental impact.