Razor-clams ceviche with vegetables crudités

Os proponemos un entrante muy saludable para la cena de fin de año🍾…

What do we need?

(For 2 people)

· 1 Razor-clams Tin 5/8p. Espinaler
· 1 Red pepper and 1 green
· 2 Tender garlics
· Black sesame pinch
· Tablespoons Espinaler sauce
· Tablespoons Mirin and Soy
· Juice from half lemon
· Chopped chives
· 50g strips Zucchini


🔺 Chop a red and a green pepper, two very small tender garlics and do the same with the can of razor clams.
🔺 In a bowl add a few drops of mirin, soy, chives and chopped garlic, black sesame, Espinaler sauce and razor clams.
🔺 Mix all the ingredients with oil leave it aside.
🔺 In the base of a glass place the chopped peppers and add the mixture with the razor clams and decorate it with thin strips of zucchini.

Enjoy it!