Quality commitment

Since our company was created in 1896, in ESPINALER we have worked to maintain the qualitative rigour that has always distinguished us.

In ESPINALER we understand that the most important thing is to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations. We are aware that excellence can only be achieved by targeting the safety, quality and legality of the products we market by supervising the process of catching, preparing and packaging the product from the sea or land until it is on the table.

In ESPINALER we try to select the best ingredients in their place of origin and to responsibly produce food that improves our consumers’ quality of life. Our quality policy also involves the production and distribution processes as well as the final presentation to the consumer. We exhaustively monitor the production processes above all in the stages that are critical for the quality of the product, and we perform checks in both the plant and the laboratory.

We assure maximum food quality and safety for all of the products served in our establishments and those marketed with other labels; this is one of ESPINALER’s basic principles and a maxim required of our suppliers too.

We are aware that our activities must add to our permanent goal of improving and we therefore do everything we can to achieve this.