An unique and exceptional recipe. Taste our Vermouth reserve ... It has six months in oak!

Red Vermouth

Result of an unique recipe based on high quality white wine. Delicate and elegant maceration, made with aromatic herbs as sagebrush vulgaris, the Dittany of Crete and Kina gives it an unique bouquet. Red ruby vermouth with terracotta tints. Sweet and brilliant. It has an intense and fresh scent of oregano, mint and caramel.

White Vermouth

Elaborated with an unique recipe based on a high quality dry white wine. The careful selection of aromatic herbs, as the Artemisia Vulgaris, Dictamo de Creta and Kina, gives to the vermouth an unique bouquet. The Espinaler white vermouth is pale yellow with brilliant emerald shades. Both its aroma and its taste are fresh and intense, with notes of saffron, mint and vanilla.

Reserva Vermouth

The Espinaler Vermouth is made with a high quality white wine macerated base with over 50 herbs that give the vermouth a unique bouquet. Among this special selection there are the artemisia vulgaris, the dittany of Crete and Kina. Its color is mahogany brown amber, clear and bright. It has touches of wood, toast and spice, and it’s aged for 6 months in barrels.

Vintage vermouth bottle

The Espinaler's vintage vermouth bottle is a collector's item. The new design is a representative illustration of the Espinaler experience. The silkscreen of logo dominates the iconic 50cl bottle. In 2014 went on sale the first edition, the second design appered in 2015 by the change of corporate Espinaler's image. The firm presents three new designs to mark the 120th anniversary during 2016

1 L. Vintage Vermouth Bottle

In 2014, one of our most emblematic products was on sale: the 50cl Vintage Espinaler Vermouth. Because of its great succes, this 2019 born the new 1 liter Vintage Vermoth, the same quality as always but with twice content. This new format begins a collectible of bottles, which with its drawings represents the history of Espinaler and also the Espinaler Experience.