What makes you think that we are not able to do other types of sauces?

Brava Sauce

Espinaler's brava sauce is perfect with fries. It is a delicious sauce with intense spicy flavor, made by a homemade recipe based on cayenne, black pepper, sweet & also spicy paprika. The natural products are used with no additives, colours, flavorings, neither preservatives. It doesn't contain allergens.

Romesco sauce

It is perfect to accompany grilled vegetables and a kind of onions called Calçots. The Romesco sauce is made by a traditional recipe based on oil, onion, tomatoes, nuts and white wine vinegar. It is 100% natural sauce. It doesn't contain gluten.


It is ideal to accompany grilled meats, fish and potatoes, elaborated with olive oil and garlic. It is made with natural ingredients, without preservatives neither additives. It doesn't contain allergens.