The chips comes from the fields of Soria (Spain). Don't forget to toss Espinaler's sauce.


Potatoes are collected and are firmly selected in Soria's fields (Spain). Later, they are subjected to a traditional process of peeling and cutting. Finally, they are fried using olive oil and with low salt.

Espinaler-sauce flavoured crisps

Espinaler sauce-flavoured crisps are the perfect combination of Espinaler extraordinary classic potato with the taste of the legendary Espinaler Sauce (perfect for appetizers). The crisps with Espinaler sauce flavor are elaborated with chips well grown and selected at 1000m high, in the region of Soria (Spain); olive oil 100% and low quantity of salt.

Potato sticks

The potato sticks are elaborated after a delicated selection of raw material and following demanding standards of quality. They are packed in 80g. bags. The Espinaler potato sticks are the perfect companion for meats, fish and scrambled eggs!