Canned Vegetables

Give our vegetables product a chance. Once you try them , you will not get them out of your life …

Artichoke hearts

The artichoke is picked up between February and May. It comes from the Murcia's land and it combines very well with anchovies and salad.


Chickpea is cultivated in dry and rich lands, so that its flavour is so intense. It combines perfectly with warm salads.


Asparagus comes from the Navarre's orchard. Once it is collected, it is well-prepared with celerity in order to mantain its own taste. It is selected with care and its skin is removed to have a soft texture without fiber.

Beluga Lentil

Beluga lentil, also known as caviar lentil, is the variety of this kind of vegetable with the highest protein level. On a darker color than this usual legume, it is a delicious combination for salads.

Ganxet bean

Ganxet bean, grown in Catalonia, is of mild taste and of great creaminess. The low perception of its skin, makes the contact with the palate very delicate.

Piquillo pepper

Piquillo pepper, from the orchard of Lodosa (Navarra), is roasted with direct flame. It is peeled manually, one by one, so it mantains all the properties and its genuine flavor.

Asparagus tips

The asparagus tips grow up in the Navarra's land, and they are selected with care. They are peeled with accuracy so that they have a soft texture without fibers.

Roasted pepper

The pepper is roasted on the grill at simmer, and then it is peeled by hand and it is cut into bits with care.

Grilled vegetables

'Escalivada' is a catalan food which contains different types of roasted vegetables: roasted pepper, which it is made in grill over low heat, and baked eggplant and onions. It is all peeled off and chopped by hand. Finally, it is introduced into the glass jars with olive oil and liquid government

Mild garlic

The Mild garlic is excellent as an "aperitive", tender and soft. It is well-considered both for its flavor and its beneficial properties. It is also an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

Garlic in oil with herbs

Garlic in oil with herbs is one of the varieties in which you can find this really healthy food.

Garlic in olive oil

Garlic in olive oil is tender and mild, whose flavour is unique. It is an excellent aperitive and, moreover, it can be part of luscious combinations with other products.

Garlics cocktail

The garlics cocktail stands out for its variety of flavors. It contains garlics, green olives and pickles; and it is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Black olive pate

It is a paste of Aragon's olive of "empeltre" variety. It is of dark color and contains a little bit of olive oil "Virgen Extra". The olive is matured in salt and finely molid. It is a great ally of the aperitive!

Green olive pate

The green olive pate is made of Arbequina olive. It is of light colour and it is perfect to taste in appetizers. It allows a wide variety of combinations.

Spicy ‘banderilla’

Spicy 'banderilla' is designed for the more daring people. Of tangy flavor, this type of pickled contains olives, pepper, cucumber and onion. A classic of snacks.

Fried ‘baby’ broad bean

The fried 'baby' broad bean is collected at the right time by its size, its quality and its tenderness. Having this product is a good choice because it can be used as a garnish or as a meal without previous preparation.

Black bean

The black bean is a nutritious legume. Its high content in protein and its wealth of fiber make it an unique and rich food .