Canned fish and seafood

From the Galician Rias, the coast of Malaga and from the best places of the country, direct to your table.


Cockles are fished in every campaign. They're treated in a few hours in order to mantain all the natural propieties. Cockles are boiled, size selected and packed. The Premium cockles are hand packed.


Razor-shells are fished in pure waters at the best moment, in order to preserve all its quality. We recommend to taste it.


Mussels are picked up from Galician trays and they are elaborated with an unic pickled sauce, which is made with natural ingredients.

White Clam

White clam is fished en Galician estuaries during October, November and December. It´s called "the queen" because of its texture and flavour. The best ones are from Santa Eugenia de Ribeira.


The light tuna is fished at best fishing grounds. Its healthy qualities make the Tuna a highly valued delicacy.

White Tuna

This blue fish is captured during summer months, when they are near the Cantabric sea. It's known by its tender meat and mellow texture. The 100% natural product is boiled and just olive oil and salt are added. We have this product in pickled sauce or in olive oil.

Natural Clam

This clam is very appreciated for its tenderness. It’s fishing on the coast of Brittany.

Extra Clam

It’s from the coast of South Korea. It’s fishing during March to May. It belongs to the same family as the white clam.


It is similar to cockle and it is shellfished on Málaga coast (Spain). It has a deep red colour and a pleasamt sea taste.

Sea urchin

Collected in the cliffs, rocks and seabed. The sea urchin eggs are removed by hand and are packaged as in the shell.


They are shellfished, steamed and prepared in Galician sauce, following the traditional recipe.

Baby sardine

It is fished all year round but it gets its best quality in September. During its elaboration, it is cooked and steamed and canned in olive oil.


They are removed manually one by one. Then, they are steamed, extracted from shell and, finally, they are canned manually with natural water.


The Espinaler's octopus is boiled to achieve its awesome texture. Then, it is sliced and canned in olive oil or in "gallega" sauce.

Octopus slices

This exceptional product is carefully selected with the best white octopus. Filled with its own tentacles and cut into slides.

Cuttle fish

It´s filled with its own tentacles, according to a hand made and delicated process. Olive oil is added. Delicious taste and texture.


The sardines fished in September are the best quality ones. They are steamed and packed in oil or pickled sauce, or cooked with tomato.