Pita bread with baby sardines

Do you want to enjoy while having a tasty dinner or lunch? We introduce you this amazing recipe. Take note of it!

INGREDIENTS for 2 people:

· 4 Pita bread
· 1 Baby Sardines tin*
· 2 medium size Carrots
· ½ Onion
· ½ Iceberg lettuce
· Mayonnaise
· Milk
· 10 Nuts
· Salt
*Also you can use mussels or tuna belly

👉How do we prepare it?

🔺Toast bread as the indication of the manufacturer.
🔺Mix mayonnaise with milk and a drop of salt. Keep it apart.
🔺Cut the lettuce and onion in thin sticks and break the nuts and then drain the sardine oil.
🔺Open the pita bread and fill it under with mayonnaise mix and cover with lettuce, onion and carrot.
🔺Add 2 or 3 baby sardines and cover all with mayonnaise.

Enjoy the recipe !