For over 120 years we have been dedicated to make people happy by entering our tavern: fathers and daughters, grandmothers and grandchildren, workers and businessmen, fishermen and walkers, early workers and night lovers, early riser bricklayers and naked ties looking for cool ideas, tourists seeking the sun and finding our oasis, and visitors of our temple who take a rest from their steps, those who speak and those who listen, those who run and those who walk, those who live and those who leave us later, people with good conversation and followers with good appetite.

For over 120 years we have been serving food and drinks to all who entered through our door: distilled eau de vie and wine from fertile lands giving life, sweet wine of secret and ancient herbs and desired coolness of yeast and hops, golden foam cups from distant domains and aged bubbles of natura bruta, Sálvora with its fat and Iberian legs matured in Tierra Dura, well-cured Cantabrian springs and white clams pouring sea flavors, high mountains’ tubers with extra virgin oil and wonderful secrets of the sea that lost the shell that explains its origin.

And after more than 120 years, the brewmaster has been able to distill our secrets to make the first tavern beer, Espinaler Tavern Beer, the legacy of more than 120 years of stories behind the bar counter.

Preserving the essence of all Espinaler products:

Quality, Tradition and Excellence.

This is the Espinaler Experience.