Pickled mussels little cake with guacamole

Espinaler’s pickled mussels little cake with guacamole & cherry tomatoes. This is a healthy& tasty recipe! This is not fastfood, is GOOD FOOD!

Here you can see the videorecipe and follow the directions!

👉Ingredients (for 2 toasts):
2 Espinaler mussels Tins 8/10 pieces
· 1 Espinaler Sauce
· 20 Cherry tomatoes
· 1 Avocado
· 1/4 Onion (for mince)
· 2 toasts
· Basil fresh leafs
· Olive oil

👉How do we prepare it?
🔺Inside a bowl mix avocado, pickle sauce of mussel, minced onion and basil leafs.
🔺Remove all and make a homogeneous mix.
🔺Cut the cherry tomatoes in twice.
🔺Spread the pickled guacamole into toast
🔺Cover it with mussels and cherry tomato sandwiched.
🔺Decorate with basil leafs and dressed with virgin olive oil drops.

Enjoy it!