Meatballs with Espinaler’s artichokes

Cold days mean comforting dishes🍲 ¿Do you want to prepare these meatballs with artichokes ESPINALER? 🙌

We tell you all the steps to follow below:

👉Which ingredients we need for 2 people?

· 250-300g minced Meat
· 1 Espinaler Artichoke 16-20 pieces
· 80g Flour (*)
· Milk* (c/n)
· Bread crumb
· 2 riped Tomatoes
· 1 Onion, 1 Garlic,
· 1 Egg
· 20ml Water
· Parsley leafs

👉 How do we cook these meatballs with artichokes? 

🔺 Sauté the bread crumb with milk and keep it apart.
🔺 Inside a bowl we add the minced meat, minced garlic and parsley. Continue with an egg, salt and the bread crumb.
🔺 Remove all together for make de meatballs mix.
🔺 On a tray covered with flour we build the meatballs (as your choice) and we fried at the pan. Keep it apart on a tray with an absorver paper.
🔺 At that time, we fry onion and tomatoes.
🔺 When their start to boil add the meatballs and then the artichokes. Keep cooking untill is done.
🔺 Ready to serve and serve to taste.

This Espinaler’s artichoke meatballs recipe is very easy to prepare. And it is possible to cook with children. This could be a funny family weekend activity for some reasons…

· We involve the children in the kitchen
· They know new ingredients and how cook them…
·Then they will show interest to try the final recipe.

Enjoy this tasty recipe!