Let’s celebrate the ‘International Pizza Day’ with Espinaler

This Friday 9th February its the ‘International Pizza Day’! What do you think if we celebrate this day with a seafood pizza made with ESPINALER’s seafood preserves?

Check our express videorecipe!

👉 What ingredients do we need for 2 individual servings of pizza?

For prepare the mass:

· 400g Flour
· 1-2 Eggs
· 20ml Water
· 1 teaspoon of fresh yeast (baker’s yeast)

Per la pizza:

· 4-6 Espinaler’s Anchovy Fillets in brine
· 1 can of Espinaler’s Tuna
· 8 Espinaler’s Piquillo pepper stripes
· 6 -8 Espinaler’s stuffed Olives
· 100g Mozzarella
·Dried oregano

👉 How do we cook it?

🔺 Preheat oven to 200ºC for about 10 min.
🔺 In a wooden plank make a volcano of flour and place the egg in the middle.
🔺 Mix both ingredients and mould until we get the homogeneus dough, of the size we want

🔺 Optionally, introduce it in the oven and heat it only for baked the dough. Later we finish it to cooking.
🔺 Once baked, add the ingredients: mozzarella, tuna, pepper strips and olives in halves.
🔺 To finish, add more mozzarella and finally bake for 5 minutes.
🔺 Once outside, add two anchovy fillets and oregano.

* Recommendation Espinaler: We can make mini pizzas, pizzas of conventional size or even, a calzone. In this case, the mass must be larger so that we can close it.