ESPINALER’s shellfish ravioli

We propose a tasty plan: cook this ravioli filled with tuna & scallops from the Galician Rias and tuna …  AMAZING combination!

Take note of all ingredients and the steps. And you can also check our videorecipe

👉 Which ingredients we need for 2 people?

· 2 tuna in Espinaler oil Tins
· 1 Scallop Tin in Galician sauce
· 1 Boiled egg
· Ravioli fresh leaves (WANTONS)
· 50ml Nata líquida
· Parmesan
For the cream :
· 150ml Fish broth
· 50ml Nata líquid cream
· Minced chives

👉 How do we cook these shellfish ravioli?

🔺 Fill the scallops into a frying pan and remove. Add the tuna and mix untill is all integrate.
🔺 Then we add the minced boiled egg and a liquid cream jet. Remove and keep it apart untill the moment of create the ravioli.
🔺 Fill the pasta leave with the necessary shellfish mix. 3 per person.

For the cream:

🔺 Add the fish broth to the frying pan with the chives and liquid cream and mix. When arrives to boiling point introduce the ravioli and cook during 3-4 minuts.

🔺 Put he ravioli (at your choice) at the dish and cover with parmesan. Could be gratin at the oven or with a blowtorch.