Espinaler Piquillo peppers filled with white tuna

An easy recipe👌 to do with the ESPINALER Piquillo peppers and white tuna. You can also see the videorecipe here.

Which ingredients do we need?

* [For 2 people or 6 peppers ]

· 1 jar Espinaler’s Piquillo Peppers
· 1 Espinaler’s white tuna in olive oil tin.
· ½ Onion
· Mayonnaise
· Half tomato
· 30gr Canned sweet corn
· 30 gr Carrot

¿Cómo los hacemos?

· Dice the onion, carrot and tomato. In a bowl add the sweet corn and the previous well chopped vegetables.
· Add the white tuna, the mayonnaise and mix it all until becomes homogeneous. Leave it aside.
· Stuff the Piquillo peppers with the mixture.

· Place the stuffed peppers in a dish and season it with olive oil and balsamic cream vinegar. Ready to serve.