NEW PRODUCT! Chips with Espinaler sauce flavor

ESPINALER launches the chips with Espinaler sauce flavor

Espinaler introduces you to its new “Chips with Espinaler sauce flavor”. The new product is added to the brand’s main product line, which contain more than 400 own references.

Espinaler has worked very hard to get the perfect combination of Espinaler extraordinary classic potato with the taste of the legendary Espinaler Sauce (perfect for appetizers).

The chips with Espinaler sauce flavor are elaborated with chips well grown and selected at 1000m high, in the region of Soria (Spain); olive oil 100% and low quantity of salt.

The chips with Espinaler sauce flavor is available in 50g and 125g packages. This new product is keenly awaited by public and brand fans.

The Espinaler sauce is the key product of this centennary brand. It is elaborated since 1950 following a familiar, exclusive and secret recipe. The Espinaler sauce is perfect to season chips, olives, cockles and other kind of appetizers.