Canned seafood benefits

Have you ever thought about the benefits from canned seafood?

Canned seafood is increasingly becoming a key product in a balanced diet. They are healthy products, easy to eat, plus they do not need to be cooked. Mussels, cockles and baby sardines are only a part of the wide range of this type of food. For a genuine Mediterranean gastronomic experience you should try them. Despite being canned they keep the same nutritional values as a fresh product. What else can you expect?

  • Nutritional values:

Fresh product properties are by no means altered during the manufacturing process such as sterilization. Proteins, lipids and carbohydrates do not suffer any change as a result of the cooking methods at high temperatures, as the Information Center Canned Canning (ICC) states. This institution ensures that “cooking keeps all the properties of fresh food without additives”.

  • Healthy food: 

As mentioned previously, canned fish and seafood are healthy and nutritive. For this reason, they are beneficial and recommended in a balanced diet. They provide vitamins, proteins, fatty acid (Omega-3) and contain a low trans fat quantity.

Blue fish: tuna, sardine, white tuna or mackerel stand out as enriched Omega-3, proteins, iron ore and calcium products. Moreover, the oil added to fresh products increase the amount of fatty acid Omega-3 levels. Others like cockles or clams are enriched in iron ore and proteins.

  • Good value for money:

There is nothing to be discarded and the product it’s worth its value. Each can provides all the information about the units contained for you to decide and make an accurate decision.  Furthermore, its price is related with the seafood portion.

  • Strong length: 

It is a type of product that can be stored for a long time. Their best-before-date range from 2 to 5 years. It is advisable to consider that even after the expiration date, the product is still healthy and can be safely consumed. The only consideration is that it might lack flavor, texture or colour. As for the species concerns, in the case of clams, razor-clams or sardines, the longer they remain in the can the better they taste.

  • Sustainable product and easy to stock-up:

Seafood cans are easy to stock-up. Its conservation does not need refrigeration nor freezing. The fact that they can be kept at ambient temperatures saves energy costs and reduces environmental impact. However, anchovies are the solely products to be kept refrigerated.

Foto: Movida Bali